Costal work

This piece was really fun to create, it’s the first time I tried creating an image with any vibrancies in regards to colour whilst also thinking about the values. In the past when using colour I would often add too much value in the background and that flattened the image, now I work in values before working in colour.

The main challenge for this composition was balancing the different blues in the scene, I found that if I didn’t vary these enough I would bring the ocean and the sky onto the same level which would have flattened the image, this in turn would have completely ruined the depth of the image that I was attempting to create.I loved creating the small waves and thinking about everything that was going on in the scene, all the tiny details such as the archway, the seagulls flying overhead were all a fantastic challenge. How did I add these details without drawing too much focus from the overall scene.

Thinking about light in this scene is what really gives it depth and thinking about the ways the brush strokes should be to suggest texture was a real challenge. This being said I still think this is one of my favorite landscapes and I would defiantly work in this way again.

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