Eagle rock on a red planet

Red planet with jutting rocks.
Environmental artwork

This post will be talking a bit about how I work through my environmental design process and how I designed the image above. This was created in around two hours, that is including the thumb nail process and adding values before the final splash of colour. This monochromatic scene I would usually use to demonstrate concepts of an environment I wanted to make 3D and import into a game.

Six quick line sketches depicting various environments.

The images above here are the initial Thumbnails, I used no more than ten minutes to quickly sketch these. The initial design is really just a guideline to ensure that your perspective and compositional rules are good. A golden rule I have found is that if a Thumbnail looks wrong correct it there. It is easier to sort the foundations that the finished product. I ended up using two to take further. I found the slanted horizon an interesting concept.

This shows the process of how the enviornment was created.

This image shows the overall process, you can see how the thumbnail of to was enlarged, this was then given values. The values are important as its important no two grounds share the same values, this flattens the image. By this I mean the foreground will have a darker base value, a highlight and a shadow. The midground with have two base colours and a highlight and shadow. Finally the background will have its own set of three values. I find working in values gives you the right feel overall.

Finally as this was a quick concept I used an overlay layer, reds, yellows, purple and orange to finalise this dusty, hazy red planet. In all a really enjoyable two hour piece to create!

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