A study a day keeps artsic block away.

Recently I watched an interesting video around the concept of “Just draw” this is from Feng Zhu’s design cinema, for those of you that haven’t watched any FZD I advise watching some of his tutorials on Youtube, it’s well worth your time and honestly the man knows what he is talking about. He has will always be a huge driving factor in what made me take my artwork seriously. The reason why I am mentioning him is simple, he has perfected a way to tackle artist block.

So back to my original point about “Just Draw”, I had completely forgotten that when I loved drawing as a kid it was me drawing various exciting objects and animals that I found in my wildlife books, in the garden or walking about town.

Having an idea:

Now when I design something I have a rough idea of what I want and I draw. For a while now I have felt my designs end up feeling lifeless and flat. This is probably due to all these experiences I did have are so long in my memory it has stagnated and now I am left with a minimal library of mental resources to attempt to construct massive and grand ideas .

Yet more proof of anti artist block.
More bird studies, focus being on the shoebill and cormorant.

So how am I addressing that? I am growing my visual library! I recently started an account on Pinterest and it is probably the best thing I have done in a while as it is allowing me to collect hundreds of reference images and it even recommends similar images.

Now when I want to “Just Draw” I go to my reference images. Click a section (Recently it’s been birds) and I pick an image and I draw. The results have been fantastic. From Tuesday this week to Friday today I have drawn 22 new images! 22! I haven’t even struggled picking ideas as they are all there in front of me and I don’t worry for hours about investing my time as the studies are quick and excellent practice.

What to draw:

So how does that relate to keeping artistic block away? Well I like drawing similar things, creatures from myth and legend. The hardest aspect of this is how can I create something original? I created a Cerberus with two heads based on a Hyena, that was original to me. But I realised it is quite common to see hyena, I could go even further by studying and drawing more different mammals.

I can look at bones from extinct mammals, birds and reptiles and bring these together to create something that no one would even expect. So far I need to put this part of keeping artistic block away into practice. But I will say this I have noticed that ideas don’t come by looking at reference images alone, the practical element of line work, drawing new architecture, flora and fauna release a torrent of ideas that your brain would have loved to do but in the end decided it didn’t have the resources.

I suppose the point of this blog post for me is, “Just Draw” feed your creativity with images you have never seen. Help your brain to help you.

How to tackle artist block, just draw
Various bird studies, birds of prey, toucans, ducks and small birds. Proof of artist block not holding back anyone.

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