EGX Birmingham 2018

EGX Birmingham 2018 was  a seriously cool event, from the careers section to get Rezzed I absolutely loved the experience. Something I would definitely participate in again if only to meet all the people. So this blog post is going to talk about the day, what was useful and the few things I would have loved to of done if only I had the time.


Two men playing games at EGX 2018

Get Rezzed:

This was by far my favorite part of the event, I know when you look into an event like EGX you go with the hopes of trying some of the big titles. We had kingdom hearts three, Spyro, Assassins Creed Oddesy and more. But for me, waiting for a good 30 to 60 minutes for a chance to play these games doesn’t really appeal. I like to get into it and see some games I wouldn’t normally have played.

I attended EGX  to meet people, to see what others are doing and why what they are doing is so great. It really didn’t disappoint. Get Rezzed was a great showcase for indie games, there was so much going on and honestly that was amazing to see. The biggest title and by far most intriguing for me personally was Thea the Shattering (Thanks again guys for not being too angry that I accidentally shut down your gameplay video whilst I was trialing the game). I have always been a huge fan of Thea the Awakening which was the first game in the series. So to be able to play an alpha version of the game was seriously fun. This card based survival game set in a fantasy world where you work as a team of various people is something so original I love it. This game is made by a small team of people and they work exceptionally hard. Definitely have a look!


I have a career I love, I am an educator. I can’t get enough of teaching students how to create and design video games, animation and apply VFX. This doesn’t stop me interrogating the poor professionals at the Creative Assembly and Sumo Digital in order to get a feel for what it takes. So what did I learn from them?

Well a helpful 3D artist named Jas (Thanks again Jas) took the time to review my whole website. Every last image. What was lovely is that I found out not just where I need to improve. But what I was doing well. I like getting feedback from professionals. By getting mentors whether it is a one time feedback session or an ongoing relationship. You can learn so much!

So guys the best bit of all the advice  – Proko. I now love this artist. His anatomy tutorials are phenomenal and you should definitely check him out. This was recommended to me as anatomy is an area I really need to improve on and so far the improvements have slowly been happening (Keep an eye out for this in future blogs). So to anyone interested in working in the games industry. Make the most of these events; the games are great but the supportive people in the careers fair will bend over backward to offer you advice and guidance. Use it!

What I missed:

There was so much going on, I really do wish I had taken more time to view the Nintendo section of the event. I would have loved to have played the new Pokémon game.. I saw others playing it and it genuinely looked like really good fun. Something I would buy a Switch for.

As well as this, to play Assassins creed would have been really awesome. I have never really been much of a fan of the series. Even so the change they have made is really something I could sink my teeth into. I would like to next time get an earlier pass to get to these bigger games and trial them before it gets too busy.

Overall the event was fantastic, this has just been a brief overview but I hope it accurately shared what I loved about the event. In all I wanted to showcase for myself and for others the highlights I came across as I went round. Try it yourself next year. Well worth it.

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