Hire me as your personal freelance illustrator or hire me as a mentor and learn how to use fundamental skills such as Photoshop, ZBrush and 3DSMax . As a freelance illustrator I aim to assist my clients by working to set briefs, helping them realise their own ideas in a 2D graphical format that can be taken and shown to help communicate their own ideas, something for themselves or even a gift for others.

Why hire me as your freelance illustrator:

Anyone looking to hire me as a freelance illustrator should know that I am extremely committed to designing high quality illustrations within a reasonable timeframe which can be set by you the client.

I enjoy working on and teaching fantasy artwork but my skills in Photoshop make me eligible to create different styles of design. This includes poster art, logo’s, web banners and more. As I currently work in teaching I am well equipped to develop key assets as a result I have a great understanding of how the industry works and how best to support your needs throughout the project.

Commissions are available for a reasonable price for anyone who has a vision and wants it realised.  My passion for designing, drawing and painting others ideas clear throughout my work. I will your ideas interesting and different. I gather much of my inspiration from real life so you can be sure that what I draw is believable and realistic giving your designs a unique and different feel.

Contact me for a hardworking freelance illustrator/mentor if you would like some work completed for a project or you just really would like to learn. I now work through so let me know what projects you would like and I will be able to help you out. #freelance illustrator

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