Tutorial resources: Everything you need to know!

The Tutorial Library:

My plan here is to share the processes I go through to develop the work you see across my website in the form of a tutorial library. Sharing tutorials allows you guys to see how I would create my work if I developed them freelance, it also allows those of you who want to be artists or games designers to join in and try my own process and hopefully learn a bit about how you can apply how I work to your own stuff.  I advise viewing these full screen or you can go straight to my Youtube channel. I livestream on Thursdays if you want to ask questions so tune in at 21:00 GMT+1 and ask away, I love meeting new people and if I can help. I will.

Concept art tutorials

Below we have my concept art in Photoshop tutorial. This lets you look into using Pinterest to begin the idea creation for artwork. This tutorial aims at giving you the reader the chance to develop unique and interesting ideas. These ideas can be used for video games, stories or maybe even your D&D campaign.

Unity tutorials

This section is going to contain all tutorials surrounding the game engine Unity. In this tutorial you can learn the basics of Unity 2D. This includes character reskinning and animation. You can also learn how to implement background and platforms. You’ll finish off by creating scene transitions and allowing your character to restart when they encounter spikes or fall off of a platform.

If you are enjoying these tutorials then feel free to subscribe to my Youtube Channel. The more I know what you all like the easier it is for me to justify creating content, drop me a message on my contact me page and let me know if there is anything you want to see. I need to hear from everyone and anyone, it helps a lot!