Artwork gallery

This gallery is showcasing much of my artwork, I will talk about and break down my process behind each piece. You will be able to observe this within my artwork blog.

You will notice that I like to include my artwork work in progress and my practice in the form of studies. I think this is a fantastic way to showcase how I work as an artist. You can see that I am able to take on a wide variety of styles. This includes line worked artwork all  the way through to digital paintings.

Artists who inspire me


I feel this is a great area of my website to explain whose artwork inspires me and why. My favorite artist and the inspiration for most of my work is Feng Zhu. As an artist he runs his own studios and has a school of design in Singapore. Feng currently has me using the #JustDraw for my artwork. As an artist he encourages users online through a Youtube channel and has hundreds of useful video tutorials and he is a huge inspirer of my work. You can check out his website here  – Feng Zhu 

Another artist I have always found inspiring is James Gurney. His book on colour and light has always been of use to me. James Gurney did the light and colour for Dinotopia. The artwork was and is amazing capturing vibrant and interesting characters a good amount of these being dinosaurs. I think what was most interesting around this art, that really made me think about my own work was his ability to bring something we have never seen in the flesh and merge this with a very realistic scenario. By this I mean market places bustling with people where dinosaurs fit into the scene. When working on anything to do with James Gurney I use the #ColourandLight Check out James Gurneys artwork here – James Gurney

People who inspire me

Finally I want to talk about Sir David Attenborough. The documentaries that he has made and created have always helped me find the resources I need to create interesting and different works of art. By far his best documentary for me is his Life series. A large thankyou as well to all the dedicated Camera people who gathered the footage. These individuals sheer determination also inspire me. When working on anything inspired by life I will use the #Life To see more of Sir David check here – Sir David Attenborough